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64° Iceland

10-day expedition along the east coast of Iceland. Experience the Atlantic Ocean and the magnificent nature of Iceland.

The Iceland Expedition will provide you with a true expedition experience with lots of adventure, even though civilization is still within reach. We paddle along the coast and also explore onshore nature.

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72° Greenland

21-day expedition in the wilder- ness. Join a true expedition adven- ture in one of the most rugged and impassable regions of the world.

Join this expedition if you dream of a truly unique outback adventure! We will be dropped off at the edge of the ice cap, 400 km north of the northernmost settlement in East Greenland.

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78° Spitsbergen

14-day expedition through the Ice Fiord. Discover seven glaciers and the magnificent Arctic nature in its summer attire.

Due to its position as the land point closest to the North Pole, Spitsbergen has attracted adventurers for centuries. We explore the beautiful Ice Fiord and paddle past six glaciers.

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Nina Munkholm, Copenhagen
Participant of 72° Greenland, 2013:

...A lifetime adventure.
  My  best  experience!




We offer some of the world’s
only kayaking expeditions in
Northeast Greenland, in the
Ice Fiord on Spitsbergen
and on the Atlantic coast
of Iceland.